Helios High Performance Exterior Film Series

The Smarter Answer for Extreme Climates

Sometimes standard solar control films are not the right answer for your needs. This can be when interior installation is too diffi cult or prohibited. Therefore we
have invented special fi lms for exterior installation. LLumar High Performance Exterior Window Films are the right solution for your needs:

Helios films are extremely well adapted for many types of glazing systems including modern insulating glazing. You can be certain that Helios films will provide excellent performance regardless of the glazing the fi lm is installed on.
Helios exterior fi lms are especially benefi cial for buildings where indoor accessibility is limited or unavailable, or where interior installation could
disturb occupants.

All LLumar High Performance Exterior Films help to reduce your energy costs. The films reject the sun’s energy transmitted through a window and cut internal room temperatures by up to 8°C. This allows a signifi cant reduction of air-conditioning costs and a potential payback in as little as 3 years. Another positive effect is that LLumar High Performance Exterior Films help to protect the environment because they can reduce CO2 emissions by tens of tonnes per year.

LLumar High Performance Exterior Window Films are specially designed to resist rough exterior climates and areas that are subjected to industrial pollution. Because of the external environment the fi lms are subject to an unpredictable weather and atmospheric conditions. Therefore other exterior fi lms carry a reduced warranty. But LLumar stands for quality products and we offer long warranties for our Helios fi lms. We stand up for any comparison with competitive products.